Issue 4 and Volume 150.

THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS, PART 1 BY FRANK L. FIRE As stated in the introductory article to this series (“Strategic Planning for Fire Departments: An Introduction,” October 1996, page 71), strategic planning is not a tool reserved solely for business and industry. It has evolved over the years, with many refinements, to a point where all organizations–formal and informal, business- and nonbusiness-related, large and small–may use it to increase their chances of success in whatever activities they choose to pursue. This, of course, includes large and small fire departments of all kinds, divisions and departments within fire departments, and other enterprises within or serving the fire service. Even after reading the introduction to strategic planning, you may still find it difficult to believe that formal strategic planning can really help your department or organization, but we are making some progress–at least you are still with me! Hang in there a…

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