Firefighter Training


Issue 5 and Volume 150.

“WHAT IS TRAINING?” BY BILL MANNING Through the pages of this magazine, we`ve stressed and restressed the vital need for firefighter training. We`ve lived by the creed that training is your empowerment, your bridge to a brighter fire service future. While at the Fire Department Instructors Conference–six days of hard-core training in Indianapolis–I asked a number of our instructors to feed me some of their ideas about training. Here is a selection of responses. Our goal here is to stimulate your thoughts and dialogue. It is through sharing that we keep the training juices flowing. Send your ideas to me, and you know I`ll print them. Mike Cogan, a former FDNY fire officer, had this to say: “World War II German General Irwin Rommel stated, `The best welfare for the troops is a superlative state of training, for it will reduce casualties.` Rommel knew that in war there is no…

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