Fire Prevention & Protection


Issue 5 and Volume 150.

THOUGHTS ON FIRE DOORS BY GLENN P. CORBETT The fire door plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity of a fire wall or other fire-related separation. The failure of a fire door to “do its job” makes a fire wall/separation useless. The fire door can be the weakest link in a fire barrier. Fire doors may be classified as one of three types–swinging, sliding, or rolling. Swinging fire doors are the most common. This is the type that you walk through when you enter a fire-rated corridor or stairwell. Sliding and rolling fire doors often are found in industrial buildings and usually are fusible link-activated. Sliding fire doors use inclined tracks to slide into place when the link is fused. When the link is fused on a rolling fire door, the door rolls out of a large overhead “drum” in which it is stored (similar to the new shutters…

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