Editorials praised

Issue 5 and Volume 150.

Editorials praised Frank J. Bohrman Captain Engine 17 and Truck 11 Firefighters Group D Jersey City (NJ) Fire Department I compliment Fire Engineering as a breath of fresh air in a time when hot air is blowing across the fire service of this country (Editor`s Opinion, “Fighting Fires with Words,” January 1997, and “The More Things Change …,” February 1997). I am also finding the message being pushed down our throats by the “clipboard generals” and their politician friends hard to swallow. The comments about fire officials jumping through hoops to get EMS in the fire service was right on the mark. It seems that both the leaders on the job and my own union leaders are preaching the same old story. Those magical words “productivity and diversity” appear, accompanied by the big threat “If you don`t fall in line, we will have to cut manpower and apparatus!” Who are…

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