Stand up for adequate resources

Issue 5 and Volume 150.

Stand up for adequate resources Ralph L. Lloyd Assistant Chief Carrollton Village (OH) Fire Department Anyone who condones understaffed engine and truck companies does a disservice to the fire service, as in “Matching Your Apparatus with Minimal Staffing” (Training Notebook, January 1997), about how to make do with less when what we really should be doing is pushing for more to do more with. Let`s face it, firefighting and rescue are labor-intensive jobs. In this day of minimum staffing of engine and truck companies because of budget cutting, I think several things need to be seriously considered. These considerations may not sit well with some people in the fire service, but the crunch occurs when John Q. Citizen sues your fire department for delaying the rescue of his five-year-old from a burning structure or when Sam/Susie Firefighter becomes a victim and the surviving other half sues the fire department for…

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