Issue 6 and Volume 150.

MOVING LARGE VICTIMS: NO SMALL TASK BY BRIAN K. JOHNSON, SR. My platoon had just completed updating pertinent information and general concerns as we reported for duty at 1730 on a November evening when our deputy chief approached us with the details of our call. It was to the home of a 63-year-old, diabetic man (who will be referred to as “Jack”) who resides two blocks from the fire station. Jack is essentially bedridden and weighs more than 500 pounds. Fire department, police, and volunteer ambulance personnel had responded to Jack`s home to provide lifting assistance on numerous occasions. It ap- peared that Jack would roll to his right while on his queen-size bed and be unable to bring himself back up–or, for that matter, to move himself much at all. He would be wedged between his bed and the various items he had accumulated and stored in and around…

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