Issue 6 and Volume 150.

ROOF OPERATIONS: LIGHTWEIGHT TRUSSES AND VARIATIONS BY BOB PRESSLER In “Ventilating Flat Roofs” (September 1996), I discussed basic roof operations for a first-due truck company in buildings primarily of ordinary construction with flat roofs, skylights, and scuttle covers. Different construction components have a direct impact on our operations. The first personnel on the roof must recognize unusual roof features and relay such information to the incident commander. The IC in turn will determine the feasibility of roof operations and committing additional resources to this position. LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL BAR JOIST TRUSS One of the most common types of roofs you may encounter is a steel bar joist truss assembly covered with a corrugated metal roof, commonly known as “Q” decking. The metal bar joists can be used to span distances greater than 50 feet and are usually found spaced four to six feet apart (larger spacing is possible, depending on how…

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