Issue 8 and Volume 150.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: TWO VIEWS IMPLEMENTING A CUSTOMER SERVICE PROGRAM BY JEFFREY S. SMITH In the fire service, customer service is all about the service provided to the public–a service already paid for and expected to be available 24 hours a day, and on a moment`s notice. The fire service in the past took “the customer” for granted–and many departments still do so today. The fire service perception was, “The public loves firefighters and everything they do; and we can do no wrong.” The public`s perception was, “We know they are there, and they will come when we call them.” But times are changing. Today`s fire service is under more scrutiny. The public perception now is, “They are taking our tax dollars, so what are we getting for our money, and what else can we get?” HISTORY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE FIRE SERVICE Customer service has been around for as…

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