Firefighter Training

Product Development Recommendations

Issue 8 and Volume 150.

Product Development Recommendations 1. Expand the USFA course offerings to include a course designed for community colleges and four-year colleges and universities that stresses the concepts and process of master planning. Ideally, this course would be taught by someone with planning experience and focus on training to develop the skills and motivation for data collection analysis. 2. The NFA should offer the equivalent material in a stand-alone course–something other than an EFO residence program course. 3. The course and informational materials need to be available on the Internet and formatted for CD-ROM use. Make updates, case studies, and online help available. Present them in an interactive format, perhaps scenario-based, that would allow the students to walk themselves through the course. A hard-copy introduction would be more of a marketing tool; the course materials would be presented in electronic, not document, form. 4. Develop a simulation or game component to the…

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