National Church Arson Task Force releases report

Issue 8 and Volume 150.

National Church Arson Task Force releases report The National Church Arson Task Force has “achieved considerable success,” according to its First Year Report, submitted to President Clinton early in June. Among the accomplishments noted in the document are the following: The Task Force opened 429 investigations into arsons, bombings, or attempted bombings that have occurred at houses of worship between January 1, 1995, and May 27, 1997. Federal, state, and local authorities have arrested 199 suspects since January 1995, in connection with 150 of the 429 investigations. Thirty-five percent of the church arsons were solved; the rate of arrests in Task Force cases is more than double the 16 percent rate for arsons in general. Federal and state prosecutors have successfully convicted 110 individuals in connection with fires at 77 houses of worship. Twenty-five houses of worship have been rebuilt; 65 are undergoing construction. The Department of Housing and Urban…

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