Truck Company


Issue 9 and Volume 150.

GROUND LADDER PLACEMENT BY JOHN W. MITTENDORF Portable ground ladders are among the most effective and versatile firefighting tools. Effective fireground operations often depend on the timely and adequate placement of ladders for rescue, ventilation, initiation of aboveground hoselines, access to upper floors and potential exposures, emergency egress, bridging, and salvage, to name a few. Many fire officials believe that a considerable portion of large-loss fires are a direct result of ineffective use of ladders. It is a fact that ground ladders can set the standard for firefighting operations. At times, using them ineffectively can even negate successful fireground operations. Therefore, the importance of ladders at structure fires cannot be overemphasized. Like other effective fireground strategies, prefire planning for various types of structures will aid in developing proper ladder placement techniques. Ladder placement can vary due to numerous factors, but there are basic requirements regardless of building type, size, and…

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