Truck Company


Issue 9 and Volume 150.

SIMPLIFIED SIZE-UP AND ACTION PLAN BY JOHN B. TIPPETT, JR. You?ve recently received your first promotion to lieutenant. Congratulations! You are now going to begin actually using the fireground decision-making process you?ve been observing and practicing in your mind. Over the years you have tried to glean as much information as possible and observe how your officers make critical fireground decisions. You marveled at how fluid the really seasoned leaders seemed to be in the tornado of confusion that greets first-arriving companies at working fires. You wonder, OHow will my decision-making process stand up under the pressure and scrutiny of the firefighters, fellow officers, and chiefs around me?O Your strategic and tactical decision making is as untried as the gleaming white helmet and as stiff as the new white shirt you?re wearing. Just as you crawled before you walked and walked before you ran, taking small steps in the fireground…

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