Truck Company


Issue 10 and Volume 150.

OPERATIONAL VARIATIONS FOR GROUND LADDERS BY JOHN W. MITTENDORF The variations discussed in this article can be used, when appropriate, as adjuncts to the standard techniques of repositioning ground ladders. They are designed to stimulate initiative and to offer alternatives when operations are affected by unusual or reduced staffing situations. Even if such variations are not used at an incident, practicing them will develop teamwork, improve personnel expertise, and expand operational options. REPOSITIONING You can carry or move the 16-, 20-, and 24-foot straight ladders to other locations in a vertical position. With some practice, you can do so easily and safely. Lock in with your top or bottom elbow and use your other arm to move the ladder horizontally while watching for overhead obstructions. This will keep the ladder balanced overhead and minimize fatigue. I do not advise using this procedure on extension ladders because of their additional weight…

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