Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 10 and Volume 150.

POINTS TO PONDER BY WILLIAM C. PETERS EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT MOUNTING When specifying apparatus, you can greatly improve efficiency if you make proper preparations for equipment storage. The first consideration is providing an ample amount of compartment space for your present complement of tools as well as possible future acquisitions. NFPA 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, indicates that “Equipment holders or compartments shall be provided for all tools, equipment, and other items that are on the apparatus. Equipment holders shall be attached firmly and shall be designed so that equipment remains in place under all vehicle operating conditions. All tools and equipment shall be readily accessible.” Many imaginative methods of organizing compartments are available. Working with the apparatus manufacturer to mount the tools and make them readily accessible will result in the most efficient use of the available compartment space. Click here to enlarge image Click here to enlarge image…

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