Firefighter Training


Issue 10 and Volume 150.

TRAINING AS A RISK MANAGEMENT TOOL BY MURREY E. LOFLIN AND JONATHAN D. KIPP In the February 1997 issue of Fire Engineering, we discussed the development of a risk management plan for your fire department. The department`s risk management program plays a significant role in reducing the liability and risks against the department and its members, improving the efficiency of daily operations and strengthening the firefighter safety and health process. As part of the risk management process, we look to several key areas to help us reduce the risks to our members. For this to work, we assemble tools that will enable us to meet this goal. The easiest way is to put these tools in a toolbox and use them as needed. And at some point in time, they will be needed during the pre-emergency phase and the emergency risk management phase. TRAINING AN IMPORTANT TOOL One of the…

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