Issue 10 and Volume 150.

THE CHIEF`S JOB BY FRANK C. MONTAGNA The company officer makes a size-up when he arrives at the scene of the fire. Based on this size-up, he then decides which line to stretch and where to stretch it, which ladders are needed and where to place them, the best route to the fire, where the victims might be found, and what help is immediately necessary. His department`s standard operating procedures (SOPs) help him to make these decisions. THE CHIEF`S SIZE-UP CONSIDERATIONS When the chief comes in, he, too, makes a size-up. His expanded size-up includes exposure problems, additional units needed, collapse potential, and the need for relief. He also evaluates the tactics initiated by the first-in units and either supports these efforts or, if conditions warrant, changes them. When the chief pulls up to the scene of a working fire, he should take a few moments to collect his thoughts.…

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