Issue 11 and Volume 150.

THE “NEW” COMPANY OFFICER–SO NOW WHAT? BY TOM BRENNAN Here are some thoughts that will directly affect those of you in large departments who are being “threatened” with a promotion to first-line supervisor and who must take another assignment in another area of the city, as well as those of you who are in smaller and volunteer departments, where everyone knows everyone. One advantage of the larger departments is that the new officer is usually sent on a “career path,” another buzzword meaning “until we get a look at `em,” and the length of time in this “covering every shift” position is indirectly related to the amount of “hooks” you know on the job. If you`re assigned to a new station each shift in your department, here is where you can learn all your lessons, and they won`t greatly affect your career or reputation. Do the things you have been…

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