Issue 11 and Volume 150.

THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS, PART 2 BY FRANK L. FIRE “Strategic Planning for the Fire Service: An Introduction” appeared in October 1996; “The Strategic Planning Process, Part 1” appeared in April 1997. The toughest part of the formal strategic planning process is not deciding where do we want to go? (How do we want our organization to look at the end of the planning period or even further into the future?) It`s convincing the planning team and the rest of the organization that the sky really is the only limit to our possibilities. Whatever vision we can see for ourselves really can be attained if we plan properly for it and then carry out the plan. Members of the planning team must not only be free to work together and plan together, but they must also be empowered to carry out the actions necessary to successfully complete the plan. Part…

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