Pressure ventilation vs. Class A foam

Issue 11 and Volume 150.

Pressure ventilation vs. Class A foam I read with great interest and concern the letter “Pressure Ventilation vs. Class A Foam” by George R. Cowan (Letters to Editor, March 1997). Although in theory he stresses some good points in reference to using steam to extinguish a fire, he forgets to mention the importance of ensuring that the structure is unoccupied. This is crucial to avoid burning firefighters and victims with the steam cloud that will be generated by the fine droplets of water (mist). By using sound ventilation practices coupled with the effective application of water, firefighters and victims will have a better chance with cooler temperatures and greater visibility at floor level. Life safety is a firefighter`s primary responsibility. If a few holes must be cut or a couple of windows must be broken to accomplish this, then so be it. Although I agree that there may be certain…

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