Issue 12 and Volume 150.

FIREFIGHTING OPERATIONS IN HIGH-RISES UNDER CONSTRUCTION BY JERRY TRACY It is dangerous to work on or within buildings that are under construction. The construction period is probably one of the most hazardous periods in the life of a high-rise. During the construction phase, a combination of construction activity is underway that, at its peak, involves many trades simultaneously. A tremendous fire load of building materials and debris is present during a time when the building`s fire control systems may not yet be complete and operative. Structures constructed of reinforced concrete are susceptible not only to damage from fire but also to extensive collapse. Vast amounts of lumber–called “formwork” or “falsework”–are used. They are constructed into forms into which the concrete is poured. Before the forms are erected into the shapes intended to be used as foundations–before they are connected to other portions of the structure and become monolithic–they may be…

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