Firefighter Training


Issue 12 and Volume 150.

HAZ-MAT EMERGENCIES INVOLVING INTERMODAL CONTAINERS PART 2: INTERMODAL TANK CONTAINERS BY GREGORY G. NOLL, C.S.P. This article is designed to provide emergency response personnel with background information, general procedures, and response guidelines for operating at incidents involving intermodal containers. Part 1 dealt with intermodal freight containers; here, we are discussing tank containers. The use of portable tank containers, also referred to as “tank containers” or “iso-tanks,” has increased greatly during the past decade. Factors contributing to their popularity include improved safety, portability, lower transportation costs, and the advantages of a multimodal transport system. Like cargo tank trucks and railroad tank cars, different types of intermodal tanks are built to many domestic and international standards. They are being used to transport a varied and diverse range of commodities, including an increasing number of hazardous materials. It is projected that by the year 2000, the total number of intermodal portable tank containers…

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