Editors Opinion

Issue 12 and Volume 150.

Editor`s Opinion Bill Manning The weathered old door swings open and they emerge in a profusion of hot pink and green, fuchsia and teal, the colors of kiddie fashion flashing like Broadway marquees– “Now Appearing, The Cute Corps”–wrapping four little bodies in superficial gaiety, opposing what is in their hearts and what they must express. They bound forth, breathless, with rose cheeks, the elders bearing the spring-loaded storm door for the little ones. Daddy! I kneel curbside, leaves crumpling under my knee, and my pants soak up yesterday`s cold rain. I reach out for tardy embraces I once thought lost. Crazy Four`s out the door first, bulling past the line of scrimmage with a smile as wide as the 50-yard line, demanding “Daddy, where have you been?!” and then another and then another and then another joins the huddle, so close our tears mingle from the sweetest pressing of cheeks…

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