Issue 12 and Volume 150.

KINDNESS IN A CRUEL WORLD BY MICHAEL F. STALEY It is often said that firefighting is “the last of the noble professions.” I`m not certain that we are the last, I am certain that we are noble, and I know that our nobility comes from our kindness. We are firefighters because we care deeply for other people and are committed to making the human condition better. We save lives and property without regard to our own comfort or convenience. We are ready and willing to give 110 percent of our effort and to lay our very lives on the line to help other people; all of that is undeniably noble. At the root of nobility is kindness, defined as a friendly, generous, or warmhearted nature. Any firefighter who can lay aside humility will tell you that friendly, generous, and warmhearted describes the men and women who are attracted to our…

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