Look ahead, not back

Issue 12 and Volume 150.

Look ahead, not back Nicholas V. Cagliuso, BS, EMT-D Brooklyn, New York It is unbelievable to think that some members of the fire service continue to blame the inclusion of EMS into the fire service for a myriad of the fire service`s problems. In “The Treadmill” (August 1997), William F. Crapo raises some extremely valid points about why firefighter death and injury rates haven`t decreased even with a 39.79 percent decline in fires between 1977 and 1995. Some of them, however, are ludicrous. He begins by blaming “U a new breed of leader U a bureaucrat U for this lack of improvement in fire injuries and fatalities.” In other words, having a fire chief with 25 years of field experience but not a single college credit in management, public administration, fire science, or the like, makes a better fire service leader because “he knows what it`s like out there, not…

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