Issue 1 and Volume 151.

BITS AND PIECES BY BILL MANNING Battalion Chief Robert Hoff of the Chicago Fire Department was returning to quarters from a run in the early morning hours of November 23, 1997, when he noticed a working fire in an apartment building not far away. The dwelling was well-involved and pushing smoke. Residents at the front of the building told him there were two children still inside on the second floor. He radioed for help, then ran into the fire building for the children. Shortly thereafter, Hoff emerged from the smoke- and heat-charged house-with two children under his arms, both of whom suffered from smoke inhalation but survived. These two children and their family should consider themselves very fortunate indeed that Hoff has not forgotten where he came from or why the fire department responds to fires. Let him be an example not just for his selfless courage, but for those…

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