Firefighter Training

Tot-Finders label “antiquated”

Issue 1 and Volume 151.

Tot-Finders label “antiquated” Ted J. Pagels Fire Chief (ret.) Director, Administration and Management Division ISFSI This refers to the Letter to the Editor on the tot-finder label in the September 1997 issue. Are these stickers really still used? Way back in 1980, the old Fire Safety Educators Section of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, recommended banning them because they give a false sense of security. With the directions given in the September letter, one could conclude that the sticker would have to be changed each time the bedroom was rearranged. What happens in a bedroom with two windows or two beds? What happens when the child sleeps in another room or has a sleepover and everyone is in the family room or elsewhere? What about two siblings sharing a bedroom? What happened to knowing about E.D.I.T.H. after your smoke detector sounds? So some departments…

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