Issue 2 and Volume 151.

PREINCIDENT SURVEYING FOR HIGHWAY HAZARDS BY ERIC G. BACHMAN Preincident surveys are vital for success in doing our job. An effective preincident survey program allows a company officer or incident commander (IC) to make educated decisions at an incident. It allows an organization to prepare (train) for a known potential and recognize response limitations so that it can develop a resource list. It may not always be cost-effective to maintain a certain resource, but it is imperative that the IC know what is needed, where to obtain it, and how to get it in an emergency. One often-overlooked aspect of preincident surveying is transportation preincident surveying. It is an issue that has significance for every fire department regardless of the department`s size or location. Transportation incidents pose a significant threat to responding firefighters, the public, and the environment. Usually, responders do not have adequate information when responding to an incident…

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