Focus on the basics

Issue 5 and Volume 151.

Focus on the basics I just read “You Should K.I.S.S. This Job” (Random Thoughts) by Tom Brennan in the February issue. Well done. This column should remind us of and refocus our thoughts on the simple basic tasks that are fundamental to safe firefighting U. To amplify his thoughts, I offer this acronym: Fundamentals Increase Response Effectiveness. Practicing those time-proven fundamentals will help Keep It (the job) Simple and Safer for us all. Kenneth E. Thompson Foreman Mine Hill (NJ) Fire Department “Customer” is the correct term Reference is made to Letters to the Editor, December 1997. John R. Reardon suggested that the term “citizen” is more appropriate than “customer” when referring to those in the community served by the fire service. I have been serving my community for 25+ years, but I do not serve just “citizens” or “victims.” Unfortunately, too many in the fire service are struggling with…

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