Firefighter Training

Tanker accidents can be prevented

Issue 6 and Volume 151.

Tanker accidents can be prevented Rick Bolly Captain Friendship Volunteer Fire Department Ocala, Florida Dale Perry`s “Tanker Operations: Special Handling Required” (March 1998) was right on target. The statistics on tanker accidents are totally unacceptable and clearly indicate a system failure. The trend will be reversed only when department leaders recognize that training and clearly defined response procedures are the solutions. Many departments may lack qualified trainers. The training of new drivers may not include sufficient information for operating tanker apparatus safely. Worse yet, the amount of practical skills training may be seriously lacking. And finally, it appears that little or no attention is paid to adrenaline flow and how a firefighter can recognize and deal with it. In my 36 years in the fire service, I have seen many instances at all levels where not learning how to control one`s adrenaline has led to unwanted results. As training officer…

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