Fire EMS

Preparing for the”fireground” of life

Issue 6 and Volume 151.

Preparing for the”fireground” of life James M. Ladiski Paramedic Supervisor Montcalm County (MI) Emergency Services I am writing in reference to Michael F. Staley`s “Kindness in a Cruel World” (One- Minute Motivator, December 1997). Thank you for publishing such quality information. Not only do you publish on a regular basis articles to help us perform better on the fireground, but you also present articles like this one that help us perform better on the “fireground” of life! While preparing a speech for delivery at a meeting of my department`s employees, I came across this article. When I had finished reading it, I was rejuvenated personally and professionally. I called the author. What a character! In the hour and 15 minutes I talked with him, he listened to me, motivated me, gave me quotes, and helped me sort out what it was I wanted to say to my friends (or employees,…

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