Truck Company


Issue 6 and Volume 151.

BASEMENT FIRES BY BOB PRESSLER Click here to enlarge image Click here to enlarge image Photos 1, 2. As you arrive at this late-afternoon fire, the first engine company and ladder company have already started their initial attack. The fire building is an older ordinary brick and wood joist structure with a full basement, a commercial occupancy on the first floor, and living areas above. The fire originated in the basement and the proprietor has informed the first companies that everyone is out of his store. Exposures 1 and 4 are streets. Exposure 2 is a similar attached building, and exposure 3 is a one-story setback attached to the main fire building. The first line is in operation, and a heavy smoke condition covers the area. As the incoming chief officer, what strategies would you employ to try to stop this fire, and what building features will hinder your operation?…

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