Aerial devices and overhead wire safety

Issue 9 and Volume 151.

Aerial devices and overhead wire safety Stanley J. Kossup Director/Chief Newark (NJ) Fire Department The cover of the January 1998 Fire Engineering graphically shows the importance of horizontal ventilation. I certainly agree that coordination between interior attack lines and ventilation is essential for successful and aggressive interior attack and search. However, I would like to stress the potential danger apparent in the cover photo. The platform of the tower ladder shown appears to be in direct contact with the building`s electrical service. This operation places the men operating on the platform in a potentially dangerous position. It is with concern for fireground safety for all our members that I make this point, not simply criticism. OSHA 29 CFR 1926.550 is very clear in setting a minimum distance from electrical power lines. I urge all departments and individual firefighters to be aware of electrical hazards on the fireground. As always, the…

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