A fading art

Issue 9 and Volume 151.

A fading art A. J. Geiss Indianapolis, Indiana My hat`s off to Bill Manning for the fantastic Editor`s Opinion in the July 1998 issue. Hat`s off also to William Crapo and “Time for a Change,” which hit similar topics. Firefighting is an art form. Unfortunately, it is heading toward the category of a lost art. Why, when we have some of the best resources in equipment and training ever, are we spreading ourselves so thin in so many other areas that we are losing the art that is the true basis of our job? How about the old-time “smoke-eaters” who made the job an art by doing it with unbelievable passion before there were such things as proper protective clothing, SCBA, and the updated equipment we have today. Here we are with all these things, and we are losing the feeling that firefighting is an art and firefighters are artists.…

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