Fire EMS

Accurately measuring work

Issue 9 and Volume 151.

Accurately measuring work Nicholas V. Cagliuso, B.S., EMT-D Brooklyn, New York I am writing to clarify certain points brought up by William F. Crapo in his March 1998 response to my letter that appeared in the December 1997 issue. Concerning my use of the word “overinflated” in my letter, it can be seen I did not directly quote him using the term. My intention simply was to paraphrase him, adding my view of the current fire service budget situation in the United States. Regarding his attempt to explain the fact that an agency doing 40 percent fewer fire runs than it did 20 years ago does not equate with an equal reduction in the average “work” load is simply unsupported. Gauging the amount of work a fire agency does cannot be measured simply by using runs as a unit of measure. Realistically, the true amount of work is measured by…

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