Issue 10 and Volume 151.

THE ROOF PACK BY ANTHONY AVILLO AND ED FLOOD Picture the following scenario. A truck company arrives on a second alarm at a two-story, wood-frame attached row house with a flat roof. Fire has control of the second floor. The incident commander orders the roof cut. You are the truck company officer. Your crew consists of two firefighters and yourself. Your chauffeur positions the truck in front of the attached, but as yet uninvolved, D exposure. The chauffeur and the other firefighter (the “jump man”) raise a ground ladder to the roof of the attached, uninvolved D exposure. The chauffeur then ascends the ladder carrying two 75-foot lengths and one 15-foot length of utility rope, a pickhead ax, a halligan tool, and a six-foot halligan hook. What a guy! The jump man goes for the saw. The chauffeur makes the roof, immediately assesses conditions on the roof, and checks the…

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