Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 10 and Volume 151.

POINTS TO PONDER BY WILLIAM C. PETERS This aerial truck was set up for ladder pipe operations with a firefighter at the tip. When the hoseline was charged, the truck overturned. When using an aerial ladder as an elevated master stream, you must address several important safety concerns: Properly stabilize the apparatus according to the manufacturer`s recommendations. This includes fully extending the stabilizers and using the stabilizer ground pads. Remember this basic rule of thumb for ladder pipe operations, the “75-80-85” rule: –75 degrees of elevation, –80 percent (or less) extension, and –85-psi nozzle pressure. Place the hoseline in the center of the aerial ladder, and use ladder straps. Open and close all valves slowly to avoid shock loads. Make all aerial movements slowly and deliberately–no abrupt motions. Avoid having a firefighter operate the pipe, if possible. Use the halyards provided. This tower ladder rests in a storefront after colliding…

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