Issue 10 and Volume 151.

TRANSPARENT SERVICE BY CARL F. WELSER The word “transparent” is a good way of describing some important features of the private little world each of us lives in. Transparent means you`re not aware of something until you run smack into it. Or, more exactly, until you run into a NEED for whatever is transparent in your life. Then what was transparent becomes obvious. I`m indebted to Ronny Coleman, fire marshal for the State of California, for his insights on the transparency of the fire service. His comments are as valid today as when he made them in 1995. Houses are obvious objects. They are usually large structures, prominently stationed along roads and streets. Houses have some transparent parts called windows built into them. The transparent parts of houses are generally equipped with shades to block out light and lock in privacy. Unlike houses, homes tend to be completely transparent. A…

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