Preplanning Building Hazards

Issue 10 and Volume 151.

Preplanning Building Hazards by FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN Editor`s note: For further reference, consult Building Construction for the Fire Service (BCFS3), Third Edition. Page numbers are included after each caption (when applicable) for your convenience. Click here to enlarge image (Top) Free spirits chafe at “bureaucratic building codes.” This photo, taken in a well-known Virginia tourist attraction/glassware store that is often very crowded, illustrates the “free spirit” approach. Reinforcing rods were extended out from the concrete-block column; wrapped around the girder; and, as you can see, “cinched” with nails that were bent over. Officials I consulted were helpless: “no building code in that county.” A letter to the governor brought about a number of changes. Click here to enlarge image (Middle) Note the cantilevered platform, a common feature of buildings under construction. A crane lifts material to the platform, from which the material is taken in onto the floor. The cantilever…

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