Issue 11 and Volume 151.

NO “ROUTINE” JOBS BY FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN, SFPE Note: Beginning with this column, the term “UPDATE” will be used when presenting fire stories or information that adds to subjects covered in Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition (BCFS3). LOS ANGELES “SAFETY MEMBER” Most fire departments are very concerned about equipment that supports firefighters–such as aerial ladders, ropes, and aerial platforms–because their failure can cost lives. Specifications are tightly written, and acceptance and in-service tests are carefully monitored. There is one working platform firefighters use, however, that is not designed for firefighters use, is not monitored by anyone, and has cost many firefighters their lives: It is the ROOF. Training exercises assume the stability of the roof. A few warnings, often too little and too late, are passed down in the fire service. The sole information offered in one prefire plan lists architectural types–flat, butterfly, lantern, gable, hip, gambrel,…

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