Issue 12 and Volume 151.

THE PIO: A POSITION WITH INFINITE BOUNDARIES BY STEPHEN J. RUDA Service agencies are becoming more aware of the importance of having on staff an individual prepared to handle media relations. In the fire department, this individual is usually the public information officer (PIO). The PIO must be well trained and always well informed to be effective. The many aspects of the PIO position include, but are not limited to, providing accurate and timely information in emergencies, keeping all segments of the community updated on the fire department`s activities, and building a bridge from the department to the overall community. The PIO`s functions, however, can extend well beyond community borders. These days, every PIO must be ready for that time when he might be called on to answer tough questions under world scrutiny. Whether a fire department is in a large municipality or a small town, it is just a…

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