Issue 12 and Volume 151.

“AWARE”: A LIFE-SAVING PLAN FOR RESCUING TRAPPED FIREFIGHTERS BY JAY B. OLSON Your company is fighting a routine apartment fire when you hear a familiar voice on the radio. It`s a member of your company. “I need some help.” There`s a twinge of desperation. “The first floor collapsed, and I`m stuck under the debris in the basement.” You can hear his low air alarm in the background. As you remain in contact with the trapped firefighter, you notify the incident commander (IC) of the firefighter`s approximate location for the rapid intervention team (RIT) team dispatch. You know the RIT will do exactly what it has been trained to do–embark on a quick “grab-and-go” rescue. Unfortunately, rescuers run out of air before they can free the trapped victim. They`re forced to leave the firefighter behind while they replenish their air, delaying the rescue attempt for a critical period of time. The…

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