Issue 2 and Volume 152.

STANDPIPE SYSTEM OPERATIONS: THE STANDPIPE KIT BY ANDREW A. FREDERICKS With the many problems inherent in operating from a building`s standpipe system, a properly equipped standpipe kit will go a long way in making a difficult job less stressful. By planning in advance, you can assemble a standpipe kit that will ensure that the necessary fittings, adapters, wrenches, and other tools are readily available at the standpipe outlet selected for use. In addition to the standpipe kit that facilitates handline operations, a second kit can be assembled for the engine company chauffeur. This second standpipe kit can prove invaluable when a siamese connection poses difficulty or a standpipe system must be supplied through a lower floor hose outlet. Let`s examine these standpipe kits, the various causes of standpipe water supply problems, and the critical role the engine company chauffeur plays in troubleshooting these problems. In “Standpipe System Operations: Engine Company…

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