Fire Prevention & Protection, Firefighting


Issue 3 and Volume 152.

“IT`S JUST AN ALARM DROP!” BY KAI W. RIEGER Along with the ever-decreasing number of working fires in the country today, there seems to be an increasing number of alarm drop, or fire alarm, calls. These automatic fire alarms come in to the station in a variety of ways: as waterflow including alarm valves, heat detector, smoke detector, manual pull station alarms, or as any combination thereof. They must be considered as much of an emergency as any other call to which we respond. Since they usually do not result in working fires, it is easy to become lackadaisical toward them. Aside from the fact that this approach is not fair to the owners of the buildings who installed high-priced fire protection systems to warn the fire department early enough so it can respond quickly and efficiently to correct the problem before it becomes major, it is also dangerous. Until…

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