Engine Company


Issue 4 and Volume 152.

ENGINE COMPANY SUPPORT OF RIT/FAST OPERATIONS BY ANDREW A. FREDERICKS The search for, rescue of, and removal of injured, lost, and trapped firefighters have developed into formalized disciplines with the creation of rapid intervention and firefighter assist and search teams (RIT/FAST). These teams, trained and equipped with a variety of hand tools, power tools, and search ropes, have been instrumental in saving firefighter lives around the country. Although the RIT/FAST may at times employ protective fire streams, specific procedures covering the emergency use of handlines and master stream devices rarely exist. The fact remains that, especially when rapid fire spread or collapse occurs, the prompt application of water may be the only means of saving trapped firefighters and protecting members of the RIT/FAST during rescue and removal efforts. ENGINE COMPANIES SAVE LIVES We know that the first handline stretched at a structure fire saves more lives than any other action…

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