Issue 4 and Volume 152.

BURNING QUESTIONS, PART 1 BY TOM BRENNAN I am trying to reconcile the fact that more firefighters are being “burned up” in today`s fire service than ever before. Sure, we lost a greater annual average of firefighters in line-of-duty deaths in past years. But we never trapped and burned them so horribly before. Did you ever give that a thought or brainstorm this topic at a drill? Or, do you still avoid the subject like the majority who are thankful that it isn`t them? Let`s toss out some strictly random ideas. Earlier We arrive earlier than in the old days. That is a good thing for rescue operations but a bad thing for “prior-to-flashover” potential. I believe that in the old days, the fire compartment or room already had time to flash if “it wanted to” before we arrived. Replacement of alarm boxes with telephones and making telephones a necessity…

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