Issue 4 and Volume 152.

A `PRECIATION CURVE BY CARL F. WELSER Fire STATIONS can ignite into hostile hot spots. Whole fire departments can catch a flu of anger. Outsiders are surprised to hear about friction in the fire station. They admire the organization for its faithful service to the small slice of humanity inhabiting the neighborhood around the fire station. Outsiders assume such a kindly group could act nothing but kindly toward itself to an exemplary degree. If the truth were told, large numbers of emergency service personnel would be happier campers if they could only agree to treat each other as well as or better than they treat the people they serve. Volunteer, part-paid, combination, career–it seems to make no difference. When a vicious virus gains a foothold, the whole organization can turn vicious, hacking, spitting, and infecting everyone within reach. MAYBE IT`S OUR NATURE Perhaps it`s partly the nature of people who…

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