Issue 5 and Volume 152.

BURNING QUESTIONS, PART 2 BY TOM BRENNAN We will continue with our list of some of the factors that are contributing to the growing number of firefighters who are being seriously burned in today`s fire service. Position Firefighters are inside these structures in positive-pressure Nomext balls. If you combine this with positive-pressure fans at the onset of operations, today`s firefighter is extremely comfortable compared with his father`s fire service as well as his grandfather`s. There is generally no personal distress reason for today`s space age firefighter to crawl along the wall of the inside of a fire building. At flashover, the only survival technique (to give you any chance for survival escape) is if you detect that the back areas of your body are beginning to burn while you are face down on the floor. If the phenomenon occurs and you are on your feet, there is no escape. NONE.…

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