Truck Company


Issue 5 and Volume 152.

THE SAFE USE OF POWER SAWS BY BOB PRESSLER The dramatic increase in the use of power saws on the fireground–for ventilation, forcible entry, and other tasks–has brought to the surface various problems associated with carrying and handling the different saws as well as cutting with them. It is much easier to transport a power saw–whether rotary or chain–to its place of operation if a strap or sling is used. This is especially true when trying to navigate a portable or aerial ladder. Different lengths of strap are needed for different saws. The sling must be long enough so that the firefighter can carry the saw comfortably. In the photo (right), the sling is long enough so that the saw rides down off the firefighter`s back. This way, it does not interfere with the firefighter`s SCBA. The saw`s hanging this low may be a problem for some firefighters. When climbing,…

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