Firefighter Training


Issue 5 and Volume 152.

USING ADULT LEARNING TECHNIQUES IN INSTRUCTION BY GEORGE A. WENDT How to develop and deliver a training program that is relevant to the firefighter while also serving the needs of the organization is a challenge to many fire service instructors. Since adults have different learning needs and requirements than children and teen-agers, understanding and using established principles of adult learning will help the instructor to inject new life into a stale training program. OVERVIEW OF THE ADULT LEARNER Today`s fire service is not comprised of a single, die-cut-type of individual. It is made up of unique adults, each bringing years of life experience to the table. All have the potential to learn; however, not all of them will learn in the same way or at the same pace. Despite popular belief, age is not a defining factor in the manner in or speed at which a person absorbs new information.…

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