Issue 5 and Volume 152.

GOOD VIBRATIONS BY BILL MANNING The fire world in and around our nation`s capital is buzzing. There`s an optimism now about our political future–cautious, perhaps, but optimism nonetheless–because we have stirred some key people into action. Many deserve credit. Thinking back over the past year or more, where would we be if the National Fire Academy Program Chairs hadn`t written their White Paper? Where would we be if Congressman Bill Pascrell hadn`t taken the FIRE Act initiative, or without Chief Louis Imperato of the Passaic (NJ) Fire Department, fire service front man for Pascrell`s effort? Or if Tom Kennedy, Ray Kiernan, and others from the Northeast States Fire Consortium hadn`t kept pushing to open the door just a little wider? Firefighters on the Hill. There are plenty who deserve credit. How about all the “unknown” men and women of the fire service who turned out in Washington in conjunction with…

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